Monday, 3 September 2012

A short intro...

I am thrilled to "dip my toes" in the world of blogging! The main purpose of my new blog is to spread my knowledge and share ideas on topics I am passionate about such as travelling, fitness, food and design. All articles and sketches reflect my personal opinion unless otherwise stated.

Travelling. I have recently caught a "travel bug" and even though I can't quite call myself a Globetrotter yet, I visited a few nice countries and will post photos and suggestions of my favorite spots. My quest for new discoveries is never ending hence you will also see my dream destination and travel plans!

Fitness. Now, I am not a professional fitness trainer... But I have been working out for over 10 years now and know a fair bit about exercising, nutrition and motivation. I am also an avid runner so stay tuned for fitness-related articles!

Food. I love food. My attempts to "diet" fell through profoundly so instead I eat what I want in moderation. I also like experimenting with different recipes and new ingredients. Eating out is also a part of my life but I try to keep it for special occasions- that way it feels more special and is easier on the wallet!;)

Design. Ever since I was a little girl I was into arts&crafts. I made my own doll house with furniture and sew clothes for my Barbies. As the time went by I started taking interest in interior design/product design and decorating which is probably why I hold Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design. Expect to see some articles about innovation in design and architecture around the world and more.

Career. Since I am in transition of changing careers ( from ID to Ergonomics) I am becoming more and more involved into human factors topics. In hopes of making my readers aware of many facets of ergonomics I will publish informative articles and pictures.

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